The Amazing Network

We all hear about the power of the network … and this experience is proof of that power.

At 11:50 am (GMT -5; U.S. Central Time) on Tuesday, July 21, I launched a survey about online tools – I wanted to avoid the term Web 2.0 in order to broaden participants thinking. I sent it out on Twitter – and asked everyone to retweet [RT]), posted it in several Nings that I’m a part of, posted it in my blog, and even used old fashioned email.

Then I sat back and watched the responses come in. I’m using SelectSurvey for this anonymous survey and am able to watch the total grow without knowing who (or from where) the participants are. Here’s a running total as I saw them and tweeted:


  • 12:18 pm 1 response
  • 12:40 pm 3 responses
  • 6:33 pm 48 responses
  • 7:10 pm 105 responses
  • 8:03 pm 160 responses


  • 8:37 am Logged on to find 340 responses
  • 10:20 am 379 responses
  • 4:04 pm 491 responses
  • 4:10 pm 500 responses
  • 10:09 pm 642 responses


  • 4:30 pm 784 responses
  • 7:30 pm 799 responses


  • 8:30 am 829 responses
  • 9:45 am 832 responses

Here’s a visual:


The surges in responses came as a result of the retweets within the network. We really are connected … and it would seem that we really like that we are connected.

If you or someone you know has not had a chance to participate in the survey, please send the link:

A huge thank you to all who have completed the survey so far and to those of you who have spread the word – it’s almost viral – keep sharing the link.


One thought on “The Amazing Network

  1. Hi Cheri,
    Very nice to “meet” you. I am an example of the “amazing network”. I got the link to your survey from Molly McGinn, who forwarded it onto a bunch of her friends in education. Your blog entry here is great – really shows the power of the network – and I’ll bet your numbers are through the roof now! I’ll be very interested to hear about your results.

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