Survey Respondents’ Gender and Age

Thank you again to everyone who completed the survey and to those who shared the link with others around the world. The raw data shows some interesting results. I’ll give you a sneak peek at one today.

Now remember, my main purpose was to survey those people in the ed tech network – those using Twitter, Nings, blogs, webcasts that center on educational technology. This is not a study of everyone in education.

With that said, here’s what the gender/age comparison looks like:


I am not surprised. Every conference, webcast, and seminar I go to I see mostly women and mostly those in these age groups. The question I will be asking in the follow-up interviews is, Why?

On that note, I will be setting up a qualitative study (interviews) to answer some of the questions that come from the analysis of this study. If you’re interested in participating, look for a call after the first of the year.


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