So many presos …

If all my proposals are accepted I’ll be presenting 6 times between November and June. That doesn’t even include all the little side presos I do here at ISU and the locals schools and organizations.

Am I crazy?


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Well maybe, but I’d like to share about the backchanneling study (with Sharon Peters‘), about what over 900 educators from around the world had to say about their use of Web 2.0 tools, and about other skills and info that will help teachers and students. So here’s the schedule:


Illinois Education and Technology Conference (IETC)

The 3-Tool PLN

Critical Web Skills for the 21st Century


Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) – these have been submitted, not accepted

Around the Web in 60 Days

Going Wild With Wikis


International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)- these have been submitted, not accepted

Educators’ Perceptions: Uses, Constraints, and Successful Practices of Backchanneling

Global Educators Using Web 2.0 Tools

Now maybe that is a little crazy … 6 different preps … plus I am teaching 3 new classes next semester, that’s 3 preps. Oh, well, I do always like to push the envelope. So the key is to prepare ahead and practice … that’s right, practice. I will be referring to Garr Reynolds’ Presentation Zen and Seth Godin’s Two Elements of a Great Presenter to pick up new info and cue me on what I already know. And practice … yup, there it is again. You know what they say, “Practice makes perfect.” Well … actually … perfect practice makes perfect … something I learned (and said repetitively) during 15 years of coaching volleyball.

So if you are at any of these conferences, please come up and say “Hi” – after all, that’s the biggest part of conferencing: spending time with people.

I’m not crazy … just excited and I want to provoke more excitement!

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leeander's photostream

Do you have any crazy ideas? Share them!!

One thought on “So many presos …

  1. Looks like you will be busy! If your upcoming presentations include live demos of wikis and other tech products, please check out our DemoFish blog, which is devoted to the art of the technical presentation.

    Thanks – Matt

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