Educate the fear right out of them!

Lucy Gray started a Google Wave discussion focused on blocking and filtering. Several of us added our comments and mine paralleled what I  talked about in a recent blog post, Don’t know? Just say “No!” There was a sense of gestalt about this new conversation – it seems that many times different people, in different places, begin talking, exploring, discovering, and learning about the same things – a kind of community (or collective) consciousness. Maybe it’s simply our awareness of the increase of this element of the access gap. Schools and districts are interpreting CIPA differently. Some uphold the law with strategic filtering and provide teachers and students with a wide variety of tools to use safely. Others choose to block all social networking sites to uphold the law. The gap between the two seems to be widening … as are the skills and experiences of teachers and students.

One way to help close the gap is through education. Providing local workshops for parents, teachers, and administrators; encouraging faculty and administrators to attend state and national conferences; e.g., ISTE, ICE, CUE, and ACSD; and helping everyone in education in developing connections to effective practices of educational technology. We need to show administrators what kids are able to do when the online tools are available.

Just as it’s shown by this kitten, fear can come across as aggression – well, at least her face looks aggressive. So the more fearful we are, the louder we shout in hopes of securing our safety.

Attribution: Andreas D.

Attribution: Andreas D.

It’s time to come out from behind the façade of safety that fear imagines. Will you answer this louder call to educate the fear right out of them?


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