Email or billboard

A few more thoughts … and questions … on Educating the fear out of them – helping teachers, administrators, parents, board members, and politicians (all the decision makers and change agents) learn accurate information about the use of educational technologies in our schools.

Are you an email or a billboard? (Credit to Gary Bowman, 1999)

Who can we influenced by an email we send? Only those who are on our mailing lists … those in our circle … ultimately, only those who actually have an email. Yes, there are still those out there who do not have email. How do we communicate our message of effective educational uses of technology? Billboards? Well, that’s one way.

How can we be walking billboards?


Flickr photo by LancerE

Although we might not want to be extravagant in our presentation of educational technology … sometimes flashy does get people’s attention. We want to make sure that the message gets through – that we don’t create so much flash that the message is lost.

What’s the message?

Give our students a chance to experience the world. In your attempt to protect them from the evil that lurks in cyberspace, they’ve been cut off from the wonders of connecting with others. We’ve got the ability to create environments that will break down many of the walls between cultures – don’t think small – we’ll protect them, just as you do in your neighborhood. Trust us, we have their best interest in mind and we believe that this is an integral part of their education.

So get your billboard materials out and start spreading the education.



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