You saw it first here …

My friends, colleagues, and students are already aware that I have a tendency to make up words. Up to now, they have all been mistakes … but last night as I was polishing up my presentation for the Illinois Education and Technology Conference, I worked with intentionality to create a word that better described what I was focusing on: Critical Web Skills for the 21st Century.

I was thinking about the word netiquette, and it just didn’t describe what I was trying to convey about digital citizen skills. So I started throwing the terms together. My first try was digicitiquette – try to say 3 times – too hard. Digital citizen netiquette … that’s the concept, but how boring! How about digitalcitizenquette … again, too complicated. So I came up with digcitiquette. Now that just rolls off the tongue – dig•siti•quette. So you saw/heard it here first – at least I’ve never heard it.

Here’s a sneak preview of this part of my preso:

Netiquette for Digital Citizenship

  • be aware of the global audience
  • present your best side online
  • employ your “going to Grandma’s” manner
  • follow the Golden Rule
  • believe the best in others

I shared these concepts with my students and they gave me some great input and examples to embellish each of these points.

Digcitiquette … pass it on.


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