Wordle Quiz

While we were working our way through Piaget and Vygotsky, I gave a quiz to help my students identify the concepts and vocabulary associated with these theorists. The difference with this quiz was the use of Wordle. This free web tool creates a word cloud – the more times a word is used the larger the text size. I took the textbook instructor notes, removed the name of the theorist and other identifying words, copied and pasted into the Wordle text box, clicked Go, and poof!

Your turn. Piaget or Vygotsky? If it’s Piaget, identify the stage. Click on the picture to view a larger image. The answers are below the images (no peeking).

1. Piaget or Vygotsky?

2. Piaget or Vygotsky?

3. Piaget or Vygotsky?

4. Piaget or Vygotsky?

5. Piaget or Vygotsky?

6. Piaget or Vygotsky?


  1. Piaget – Concrete operational stage
  2. Piaget – Sensorimotor stage
  3. Vygotsky
  4. Piaget – Formal operational stage
  5. Piaget – Preoperational stage
  6. Vygotsky

How did you do? My students did well. This exercise solidified their learning and, at the same time, showed them a user-friendly participatory web tool that they can use with their students.


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