Who said this … ?

I’m familiar with a limited number of teachers’ colleges and I am convinced that we could greately improve the training of our teachers and by so doing improve the education of our citizens. In nearly all of our state colleges the youngsters have an opportunity to come in contact with only a few interesting personalities. A good deal is brought to them in the way of lectures or music from outside sources and the rest of their education depends largely on books. When you are young your most vivid impressions come from seeing and experiencing and absorbing new ideas through personal contact.

Did you guess yet? Here’s more.

It is axiomatic that you cannot give what you haven’t got and if the amount of education we give our public school teachers is three or four years spent in a normal school or state college not very far away from their homes and then they return to those home to teach, it is obvious they will take back very little that is new and fresh to the youngsters who study under them.

If you guessed Eleanor Roosevelt, you were right. I’ve just finished reading her book It’s Up to the Women*, which was published in 1933. Her insights on so many topics were truly amazing. I plan on reading more of her writings. I also plan on continuing what I’ve been doing to make sure that my students are exposed to educators, thinkers, and inventors from around the world. We all need to be challenged – our thinking, habits, and philosophies must be rekindled and renewed in order to remain dynamic.

Eleanor Roosevelt visiting the Cold Spring Institute for Gerontology, Cold Spring, New York. October 1955. Courtesy of the FDR Library and Museum, Hyde Park, New York.

Note that this picture holds a striking similarity to the picture of me from November 13. Eleanor Roosevelt was definitely enjoying the ride!

* Roosevelt, E. (1933). It’s up to the women. New York: Frederick A. Stokes Company.


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