If this is true …

… and we’re looking at a 40+% increase in our labor force in the next 40 years, then how should education be preparing American citizens for the future work force?

Will this help? http://www.ed.gov/technology/netp-2010

What should education look like? What should schools look like? What part should parents, students, teachers, administrators, and community play?

One more visual for thought:

How do we educate parents to participate in their children’s learning? How do we improve socio-economic conditions so they can be as involved as they choose?

Diana Laufenberg said it well in a Tweet yesterday, “I guess I wish that we would stop talking about education/school in the US as if it was ‘one thing’.”

Watch for my upcoming post on dichotomous thinking and crisis-oriented decision-making.

Now go discuss …


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