Calling all musicians

… especially keyboardists and drummers … I need your help figuring something out.

During the worship music portion of tonight’s service − Heartland Community Church − I was amazed … in between making a joyful, but not pretty noise … by what I saw. The band, usually made up of vocalists, keyboard, bass, drummer, lead guitar, and rhythm guitar, was missing the bass player. Instead, the keyboardist had two electric keyboards and was playing the melody with his right hand and the bass music with his left … he was singing, too. How does he do that? Drummers, too … how do they get their hands and feet doing different things at the same time?

So, here’s the question:

Aren’t these examples of multitasking?

Why can piano players, keyboardists, and drummers do so many things at the same time?

How is this different from the technology task switching/shifting … so often referred to as multitasking?

I’d appreciate any insights, opinions, and amazements you’d like to share.


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