Web Tool Tuesday begins

I’ve decided to begin logging some of my long-time and new web tool favorites every Tuesday. I want to make sure to focus on personal and student use of the tools. So, I need your input – How are you using the tools? How are you having your students use them?

Cloud Tools

Let’s start with Diigo. An excellent social bookmarking tool that has a couple of capabilities that you won’t get with other tools. Besides saving your favorite websites to an always-accessible spot in cyberspace, you can highlight and write sticky notes. In addition, there is a vast community of educators using diigo, so you can join their networks – connect (the social part) and tap into their listings when you’re looking for a particular tool.

You’ll find my library at: http://www.diigo.com/user/drctedd. I recommend that you join Diigo, that way you can see the highlights and sticky notes that people have left on websites they’ve favorited.

If you’re already another tool, like Delicious, you can import those bookmarks into Diigo … and … even continue to save the sites in Delicious.

Some questions to consider:

  1. Why use Diigo? Or any social bookmarking site for that matter?
  2. What can you have your students use Diigo for?
  3. What have you or your students done with Diigo?

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