Web Tool Tuesday #3

Your audience is ready

Credit: J. R. Eyerman

Over the years I’ve used a variety of tools to put my presentations online. Here are some of those tools … in no particular order. Try a couple out and see what you think.

SlideShare – This is one of my favorite tools. Create your PowerPoint and upload it. You can also sync an audio file to a SlideShare presentation – referred to as SlideCasts. Richard Sanders’ instructions on creating a SlideCast are great. SlideShare is also a great place to network – so many great people to follow and presentations to learn from.

VoiceThread – Probably my favorite of favorites. This tool has so many applications: presentations, discussions, portfolios, and more. It’s great for any age group. There are several types of accounts: free, K-12, Higher Ed, and Pro. The Professional version is only $59 and worth it!

Diigo – If you have a Diigo account, check out how to create a Diigo Slide Show. Very helpful when you want students or participants to go to a particular set of websites. There they can leave sticky notes and highlight.

Zentation – Combine video and PowerPoint for a prezentation. Interesting tool that I will be using for my online courses and I might even try this one out on bad weather days when some students can’t get to class. Here’s an overview. The free version requires using a YouTube video. But you’re still able to sync the video with the PPT.

Prezi – Tired of PPT type presentations? Want something really cool and non-linear? Try Prezi. While the learning curve is a little steeper than the other tools, it’s worth the time. Spend some time on the Prezi size looking at the different types of presentations that you can do. I think we’ll see more tools like this in the near future.

There are many other tools. Check out my Diigo list of presentation tools. You can search for more by using terms such as online presentation tools, Web 2.0 presentation tools.

Have any other tools? Leave a comment and provide the URLs for us.

Have fun!


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