Web Tool Tuesday #5

URL Shorteners

Short things are great … I include myself (humbly of course) in this category. So how about some tools that give us shorter URLs (web addresses), since those long, long, long URLs can really play havoc with our ability to share links.

You have a couple of options for shortening links:

  1. Go to the shortener website and copy and paste the link you want to shorten. Then copy the new link and paste it wherever you want.
  2. Download the tool to your browser toolbar. This will automatically fill in the link you want to shorten and you’ll then be able to copy and paste the new link.

The Tools

  • TinyURL – a popular tool that works well; sometimes deletes portions of very long URLs (e.g., Elluminate)
  • SnipURL – a good alternative to TinyUrl; the tool I’ve used the most
  • bit.ly – another great tool; I use this one sometimes, too, depending on my mood.
  • Google – new to me, I’m planning on trying this one – tell me if you’ve used it and how it works for you.

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