Tech Tool Tuesday #7

I just taught a workshop on wikis, so they’re on my mind. There are several online wikis that enable you to use this dynamic tool for a variety of purposes. I’ve been using wikis for 6 years this month – Wow, that went by fast! During that time, I’ve seen some tremendous changes that make wikis my favorite teaching, presentation, and course management tool.

Most of the wiki conversations I’ve overheard revolve around one of these three free tools:

Here’s a video explaining the process: Wikis in Plain English. Basic posting instructions: Edit … type … Save.

Alright … off with you … choose one of the tools above and create your wiki and then come back. Choose a name that expresses an overarching theme for what you want to do. Mine is EdTechDoc.

Now that you’ve got your account, read through the following before you start building.


Organization is key. I suggest you create a main wiki – a home where all your other wikis will reside. In other words, don’t just create pages for your classes, presentations, etc. Each should have their own wiki which you access from your home wiki. I give students and attendees the link to their specific class/presentation site, rather than to my main wiki.

Home wiki

  • Class wikis
    • different pages for the class (each will be linked to from the navigation bar)
      • Announcements
      • Student pages
      • Group pages
      • Discussions (for online and blended courses)
  • Presentation wikis
    • different pages

You might want to storyboard it out. Also, take a look at how others organize their wikis. Here are some resources:

For more advanced tools, take a look at my presentation from ICE 2011: Going Wild With Wikis.

Have fun!


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