Tech Tool Tuesday #8

How ’bout them eBooks?

My birthday present last year was a Kindle and it’s been so much fun. In fact, the hubby liked mine so much that we bought him one too. Now we’re a 2-Kindle family, sharing books, magazine subscriptions, and documents with just one click. As you probably know, you can put the Kindle software on your phone, computer, tablet, or handheld, and then access anything you have in your Amazon account. However, when Sharon Peters and I were talking about sharing documents between our Kindles, we found that we aren’t able to do that. We did “friend” each other through our Kindle profiles and now we can share our reviews and wish lists.

There are many other eReaders and multiple ways to take advantage of these technologies. Here are some websites that provide resources for eBooks in education:

This is a technology worth watching as its use will continue to grow and impact education. We’re already seeing many textbook publishers providing students with an electronic alternative at lower prices than hard copy versions. Also, many of the literary classics are free through the eBook libraries – an effective way to reduce K-12 textbook expenditures.

Well, I’m off to read for a while …


2 thoughts on “Tech Tool Tuesday #8

  1. You do know that Kindle is developing pages for the books (something to do with algorthyms (sp?) that’s why pages weren’t on Kindle books before. And, they ARE developing ways (coming soon or already here?) that Kindle sharing CAN happen (much like you can with the Nook). Honestly, the facebook page for Kindle is a great source of information.

    Schools and libraries have also talked about the use of the Kindle for K-12 education but the original price is still “too high” for the expense.

    Doing research for my lit review, I had my librarian send me documents to my Kindle for review….it was slick.

    I really haven’t heard of anyone NOT liking their ebook.

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