e-Learning Tuesday #3

As you work on your elearning course, it’s important to keep the basics in mind.

1. Start with the end in mind

  • Create your objectives – target learning outcomes
    • What do you want students to know or be able to do when they finish the course?
  • Align your assessments with the objectives
    • How will you assess student learning or skill acquisition?
  • Align appropriate technologies with the assessments
    • What technologies will embellish student learning?

2. Organize, organize, organize

  • Create a navigation that is obvious – out in the open
  • Put links in a logical order – that may mean a combination of topics and chronology
    • Communication and technology directions should be at the top
    • Weekly or topical modules come next
    • General resources at the bottom
  • Provide a course calendar so students can see the course as a whole
  • Seek out good models – take a look at other e-learning courses

3. Redundancy … over and over … again and again

  • Provide links to important information in more than one place
  • Multimodal instructions –  text, image, audio, video

4. Load as you go

  • Create the skeleton of the course first so that as you finish building the components you can upload them right away

5. Back it up

  • Make sure that you’re backing up your course in more than one place
    • Archive a copy from your CMS, wiki, or blog (wherever you’re teaching the course)
  • Amazon has recently made 5G available in their cloud
  • Use Google Docs
  • Save to a memory stick

6. Share who you are

  • Letting your personality shine is more important and more difficult in the e-learning environment
    • E-learning students need to know that you’re a real person, so do what you can to give them a glimpse at who you are
    • Create a social presence in your classroom environment
  • Use your voice – create podcasts
  • Use your face – create videos
  • Connect with Skype or Google Talk

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Thanks to Simon McIntyre from the College of Fine Arts at The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia for this excellent video series:

Learning to Teach Online project http://bit.ly/d18ac5

Accompanying PDF documents with even more detailed tips and strategies: http://scr.bi/eAcz1k


One thought on “e-Learning Tuesday #3

  1. You give some great tips for working on an elearning course. When it is done well, remote/electronic learning can really help you to reach your career goals, as well as to develop your employees and those who work for/with you. I have heard about an event that 2elearning.com is holding in September. it sounds really interested and is designed around teaching the best practices for remote/electronic learning. You may want to take a look.

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