e-Learning Tuesday #4

Online Videos for Teaching and Learning

It is amazing how much quality information is just a couple of clicks away. You can find tutorials for almost any Web 2.0 tool just by carefully wording your search terms. To find the video(s) you’re looking be specific with your search terms. Like any Web search, if you’re looking for a phrase, surround the words with quotation marks; e.g., “educational technology” “distance education.”

Once you’ve got your search terms, plug them into one of the sites listed below, and let the fun begin.

Search Here

YouTube – The most famous of all

TeacherTube – Educational videos

YouTube Edu – University videos

GoogleVideo – From the Google search engine

Bing Video – From the Bing search engine

Yahoo Video – From the Yahoo search engine

Vimeo – All types of videos

UStream – Host and record your own live session. Searching archived videos for a specific person seems to have the best result.

Also, besides pulling videos off the Web (Web 1.0), you can also upload your videos onto these sites – push it out on the Web (Web 2.0).

Embedding Videos

Whether you’re planning on using the videos in a blog, wiki, or other website, you can embed them in the page.

  • First, go to the video that you want to use
  • Look for the words Embed – it might say Embed code or in YouTube it says Share – copy that paragraph-long code
  • Now find the video widget in your wiki, click on it, and paste the embed code
  • If you want to embed a video in your WordPress blog, all you need is the URL – click on the video icon and paste it in
  • Click save and ta-da!

Take a look at this video on embedding a YouTube video into Wikispaces:

There were several tutorials listed on the YouTube search results. I chose the one that was posted most recently, rather than the one at the top of the list, to make sure that the latest Wikispaces changes were reflected.

Try it out … search … embed … learn … enjoy!


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