e-Learning Post #7

Re-emphasizing the Twitterverse

I have been strongly encouraging my C&I 438 – Distance Education – students to use Twitter to begin building their Personal Learning Networks (PLNs). Being hooked into the Twitterverse is amazingly rewarding – what I can give and what I can receive serves to strengthen and expand our collective knowledge. If you were watching Twitter over the last few days you might have seen …

Those 7 posts are merely the tip of the iceberg. So, don’t wait any longer … get out there. You don’t have to worry about contributing yet … just get your feet wet by tapping into this 24/7 professional development network.

To learn how to create your Twitter profile and connect with others check out Tech Tool Tuesday Post #15.

One thought on “e-Learning Post #7

  1. Dr. Toledo,

    I am an ISU alum (B.S. Ed ’71 and M.S. Ed ’73) certified in Physically Handicapped, Educable Mentally Handicapped, Learning Disabilities, Elem Ed and Ed Admin. I taught for 7 years and then went to State Farm Insurance where I worked in the Systems Department for 30 years.

    I retired about 4 years ago to work on my hobby/passion. I have developed a FREE interactive website for teaching phonics http://www.MyBreakfastReadingProgram.com. The website incororates Text to Speech, video, animated GIFs and links to an online dictionary.

    In addition to my reading hobby, I taught online for Ashford University. I’m currently the academic coordinator for WorkWorld Learning where we are developing online courses that are ACE approved. We are using EDU 2.0 as our LMS system. As noted in your blog, I have also discovered Join.Me. It is a great tool.

    Is it possible that we could set up a Join.Me session to discuss my reading website? I’d like to get your take on it as well as offer opportunities to your students to work with a website. I’m also president of Discovery Learming Program, a small 501-c.

    Since I live in Bloomington, I’m also available to meet you at your office.

    Looking forward from hearing from you.

    Dick Briggs
    Bloomington, Il 61704

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