What Part of Move Are You?

The other day I heard someone on the radio say something like, “In order to help you grow, I will have to displease you at time. If I’m always trying to please you, you will not grow.” We live in community with others and have an obligation to help each other grow – sometimes that means we have to care more about the other person than ourselves – make the hard decisions that will result in our colleagues’ … students’ … childrens’ … spouse’s … friends’ growth. Growth of any type requires movement … impetus … a shift … some type of movement.

There are at least three categories involving the word move:

  • Immovable – stuck … fixed … imobile
  • Moveable – malleable … transferable … transportable
  • Mover – grower … shaker … change agent

Our position in this tension changes over time … monthly … weekly … even hourly. It’s all about who we are (traits) and the nature of the situation (state). No matter … we always have a choice. So what keeps us from being moveable or being the mover? If it’s fear of failure, then we just need to get over it and acknowledge – even embrace – our humanity. One of my favorite quotes by John Wooden (legendary UCLA Men’s Basketball Coach) addresses this idea of risk-taking. He said, “If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything. I’m positive that a doer makes mistakes.”

So when we move, we’re going to make mistakes. Our character will be revealed as we determine what we do next. Movers and the moveable will learn from those mistakes and grow … oh, yes, we’re back to growth. Are you comfortable? Is it time to get uncomfortable and start moving? I suggest that you go out and make some mistakes … in fact, go for it and …

Source: Hunt Valley Canoe Club

Fail Forward


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