Would you take this class? Why?

Summer school classes start tomorrow and I’ve been putting together podcasts so that my students can hear my voice, get to know me a little, and better negotiate the online learning environment. Here is the first podcast for tomorrow’s doctoral Educational Technology students: http://bit.ly/Podomatic579W1Su12.

Well, what do you think? Would you take this class? Why? Why not? Now … no excuses like, “I don’t have time right now” or “I don’t have the money to pay for it.” Just pretend that you do have the time and money. What are your thoughts?

Side Note: I tried to upload an MP3 file here in WordPress and wasn’t allowed, so I went to PodOMatic and voila. Modeling risk-taking!

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6 thoughts on “Would you take this class? Why?

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    • I would have to think about it. It seems like you have to go to many different spots to do your work. Enter due dates in your calendar? I didn’t know you had a doctoral program on Educational Technology.

      Have you tried EDU.com? It is a free LMS for public educators K – College. The EDU system populates the Due Dates in both the Grade Book and Calendar.

      We are starting to use the EDU20 for business. We have created 10 courses that are ACE approved.

      By the way, we are a local business in Bloomington.

      I’m also an ISU alum majoring in Special Education (BS ’71 MS ’73). I have also developed a FREE website for basic and advanced reading skills. I use Skype and/or Join.Me to provide FREE online consulting/demonstrations. http://www.MyBreakfastReadingProgram.com

      However, the site only runs on Windows and IE. Very interactive.

      • Yes, Dick, students have to navigate a wide variety of tools and sites … just like when we travel around the States and the world. It is purposeful … I want them to be comfortable with opening, clicking, taking chances, and trying new things. Ultimately, I want them to be adventurous in their approach to teaching and to using technology.

        I’m not interested in putting my ISU classes on a course management system. I want them to have access to the course forever … and … I want them using a technology that builds transferable skills.

        ISU does not have a doctorate in Ed Tech. Students can take the one doctoral course and then other ed tech courses in the C&I Master’s program.

      • Cheri,

        Thanks for the response to my concerns. I see where you are going with this. My thought was to have guidance in a container, such as EDU, the requires them to explorer all of the tools you want them to explore.

        I love technology. After teaching Special Ed for 5 years and then writing and directing a Title IV ESEA project: Reading Improvement Gained Through Hemispheric Training (RIGHT) for two years, I worked at State Farm in the Systems Department. I was one of the lead developers and instructors for the new Microsoft tools when PCs were introduced to the business. I have been retired for 5 years, but learned JavaScript since retiring.

        I’d be interested in chatting with you sometime about technology in the K-12 sector or for training teachers in the field. As I mentioned, I live in Bloomington, so I could come to the campus, if you are interested.

        Dick Briggs

  2. Yes, I would, and I am! Although much of this is new to me, I am excited to be learning about where technology can take me as a learner and a teacher. I look forward to this fast-paced, mini-mester!

  3. I too am taking this class. It is challenging as there are many different elements to it. However, I have already been encouraged about some of the practices that I’m currently doing…and I’m evaluating some of the new ideas and trying to figure out how to incorporate them into my online courses. I can’t wait to see my finished project in five weeks!

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