The wild abandon of a 2-year old

I just saw a great video on FaceBook. Take a look:

After watching his parents practice he shared his rendition of the Paso Doble. Follow this URL to watch him dance the jive: (Caution: this contains advertising not endorsed by WordPress or Ed Tech Doc*).

So, what are your first thoughts?

Think Piaget … and Vygotsky … and Bandura

If I was still teaching child development this would be a great discussion starter.

Personal take aways:

  • His wild abandon for having fun is something you and I need to do everyday.
  • Let’s stop schooling this soulful creativity and expressiveness out of our children. Learning is an expression of who we are – so if we’re not letting our students be themselves because we’re stuffing them into a mold … well, you can fill in the rest.
  • Let your inner 2-year old out for a few minutes of wild abandon today!!

Remember … play is paramount … it’s part of the process.

*A lesson in being a smart digital citizen: Some of you may remember when my blog was shut down because of an advertisement. For that reason I did not embed this video and I added the non-endorsement statement.


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