Achieving your goals … one step at a time

I’ve seen many motivational quotes the last week or so on achieving our goals.  One that has stuck with me was a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

While I don’t have to see the entire staircase, I usually know where it leads … at least the staircase that I’ve chosen to get to my goal.


So I’ve set my goal … but I’m not getting to it like I want to. What do I do?  Here are some ideas that might help get you moving.

Keep one eye on the future – You don’t have to focus there all the time, but have something that reminds you what you’re shooting for … where that staircase will take you.  I’ve had students create a screen saver with the amount of money they pay every day for their tuition.  Others tape pictures of the vacation, dress size, or retirement they are shooting for.  Whatever helps you keep your eye on the prize … put it at eye level somewhere.

Don’t be surprised when things get hard – A friend of mine once quoted her nephew when he was struggling with a puzzle. In a little boy whiny voice he said, “It’s too hard.”  Nothing is ever easy all the time, so be ready for those times when it’s a struggle to accomplish anything.  When I find myself stuck it’s a good time to set some mini-goals that are much easier to complete.  Those successes snowball and I start moving again.

Don’t be a Lone Ranger/Rangerette – There are so many people who are in the same situation and even more who have been through it.  So find ways to connect and collaborate – either in person or virtually.  By the way, if having a personal coach would help you get moving again, send me your email and we can talk about working together.

One last thought … and this is a biggie:  Work on making progress, not being perfect … AND … it’s good enough progress, NOT perfect progress.

Your progress is going to be different every day, so today’s progress just has to be your best for today.  Some days you’ll limp along … other days you’ll sprint like an Olympian.  Your job is to discern what is your best for today and go for it.

Alright, go take that next step.


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