About Me

Hi … thanks for coming to my blog!

I’m Dr. Cheri Toledo … the Ed Tech Doc at Cycling Around Ed Tech.  My workday is spent as the Program Coordinator for PhD, EdD, and EdS programs in Educational Technology, Learning, Instruction, and Innovation,  and Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment at Walden University.

My downtime is spent working out, reading, and following college volleyball, the LA Rams, and LA Angels!

I am an ardent user of all types of social media and online tools and see it as my calling to pass them on to my students and colleagues.  My research focuses on distance learning/instruction and integrating technology into teacher education.

I have a very diverse background: K-12 teacher (P.E., English, math, science, psychology); K-12 coach (volleyball, basketball, softball); college volleyball coach (Stephen F. Austin, U of Wyoming, Long Beach State, Cal State Fullerton, Chapman University); marriage, family and child counselor; academic counselor, academic dean;  personal and business coach; college teacher,  university professor, and university administrator.

My goal for this blog is to discuss important (and sometimes not so important) issues – feel free to add your thoughts to make this a discussion.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Cheri-
    I stumbled across your site because I am looking to require my 8th graders to have a gmail account. I am having some resistance from administration, although they are willing to let me try. I was interested in your post about creating the student accounts by adding their name to my existing account. I posted a question there, but realized that it was from 2007 so thought that you may not see it:) Do you have any tips on this process? Do you have examples of letters to parents? Looking for any help in making this process go smoothly.


  2. Cheri, can you contact me at MyBreakfastReadingProgram@msn.com
    I am an ISU alum BS(71) and MS(73) in Special Education

    I taught Sp Ed for 7 years and then worked in the Systems Dept at State Farm Insurance. I live in Bloomington and retired in 2007.

    I have developed an interactive website for teaching phonics. I also have interactive Excel programs for phonics. All of the materials are FREE. I’m president of Discovery Learning Program, a small 501-c Not for Profit. I also use Skype and Join.Me for FREE consulting.

    I’m also the academic coordinator for WorkWorld Learning, a start up online training program. We have 10 ACE approved courses in Self Study as well as cohort format. Many colleges accept ACE courses for credit.

    I would like to discuss your use of technology in education.

    Dick Briggs
    Bloomington, Il 61704


  3. Dear Cheri,

    My name is Mark Williams and I am the co-founder of instaGrok, a safer and more effective educational search engine. We are working with teachers to enable learners to practice their twenty first century skills of researching information and curating it to create a portfolio assessment of learning. InstaGrok was recently selected as one of the most promising education tools in the U.S. by ImagineK12 (www.imaginek12.com ).

    I want to be very clear that I am NOT trying to sell you anything. I was hoping we could schedule a 15 minute skype/call next week to get some advice and feedback on instaGrok.

    Thank you for your time and interest.


  4. Greetings Cheri,

    My name is Samantha Peters and I want to know if you accept Guest Posts on Cycling Through ED Tech?

    One of my resolutions in 2012 is to write and contribute more quality article related to education and educational technologies on a great site like yours.

    I do a lot of freelance writing and am capable of writing unique and relevant posts that I think you and your readers will find interesting.

    Is this something that you would be interested in?

    To give you an idea of my writing style and quality, I am including a link to a recently published guest post of mine. However, please know that any article I write will be unique and specifically written to fit within the context of your site. Also, any article I write will only be submitted and published on your site.

    7 Online Classrooms Teachers Can Use To Augment Their Own: http://bit.ly/xyClDF

    Also, I started a blog called The Education Update, which currently doesn’t really look that great design wise, but it has taught me about blogging and publishing my articles online.

    So you know, I work with the understanding that any article I submit must pass your review and editorial process before being published. Also, I understand if you reject any article I submit and will not be offended.

    I look forward to hearing back about the opportunity of contribute a guest article.


    Sam Peters

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