Beating Perfectionism Revisited

I was driving home from the first volleyball match of the year today and listening to the playlist on my phone … up popped my interview with Ron Rosenberg from 2015.  As I listened, I thought, “This is really important information … it’s pretty good, too!”  <big smile>

I challenge you to listen carefully … take some time to reflect on what you hear and how it applies to you … and then make the changes that will help you be your best YOU!

Leave a comment and share what you learned and how you’re going to incorporate the information into your life.

It’s all in the sweat!

When I was at Illinois State, one of my doc students, Karen Dennis, and I had some great conversations about the research on aerobic exercise and its effects on the brain and learning.  Lillian Mongeau’s article, How a Growing Number of States are Hoping to Improve Kids’ Brains: Exercise, made me think of this connection again.  Click the article link and read what she has to say.

Students need to be moving … I’ve been saying this for as long as I can remember … oh wait … that’s right, I have two degrees in Physical Education (now known as kinesiology or movement science) and a 20-year career in PE and athletic coaching.

But guess what … the cognitive benefits of fitness are not just for kids.   That’s right, you can benefit, too.  So … I CHALLENGE you to take an article or dissertation with you to the gym and read it while you’re on the treadmill, elliptical, or the stair climber.   Need to memorize something – tackle it while you’re getting you’re working out.

Get your heart rate into that aerobic zone … shoot for the Yellow Zone that my friend, Sally Edwards​, explains on her Heart Zones website.  For me … I shoot for 130-140 bpm.

If you want to read more about the body/brain connection, another great resource is Dr. John Ratey’s book, Spark.

It’s time for you to put science to work

Just MOVE IT!!!


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Thanks to @coolcatteacher for this great analysis of apps to help us be more organized and productive. #WaldenETLII

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